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Legends Realty Company B Company C
Number of Properties to Agents Ratio 300 to 9
Portfolio Management or Structured Management (departmentalized) Structured Management
Vacancy Rate - Average less than 1%
6 Licensed Real Estate Agents and 3 Administrative Staff Members X
Designated Maintenance Department X
Designated Business Developers and Leasing Consultants X
Designated Accounting Department X
Designated Marketing Department X
Current/Active Members of National Association of Residential Property Managers X
Owner handbook to all new owners X
Video Tours for marketing X
Multiple digital pictures for marketing X
Available to show properties 7 days a week X
Send Weekly email to owner detailing showings and feedback from prospects X
Tenant screening on every adult applicant to include: eviction search, criminal,
residential & employment verification, credit, check writing ability, SSN fraud alerts
Screen any pets with application, photo, and vet documentation X
Order attorney drawn leases X
Video Property prior to tenant move in X
Tenant Handbook provided to all new tenants X
Eviction Protection- we pay for the eviction on any tenant we procure X
Move in Property Review Report X
Perform Bi-annual Property Review X
Send owner Bi-annual Property Review Report with pictures via Owner Portal X
Perform Move-Out Property Review X
Prepare Monthly Statements available in Owner Portal X
Direct Deposit X
Prepare and Send End of Year Statements and 1099s also available in Owner Portal X
Prepare Renewal Letters to owner X
Prepare Renewal Letters to tenant X
Up to date on Property Law and Regulations X
Local Knowledge of Rental Rates X
Advice on how to prepare property for rent X
Ensure receipt of proper documentation X
Attending to daily telephone, email and fax inquires X
Placement of a Lockbox X
Placement of Yard Signs where allowed X
Writing and Placing advertising in various media X
Superior Marketing: Placement higher on most websites at no additional cost to owner X
Placement in the MLS, Realtor.com, Homes.com, Rentals.com, etc… X
Prompt updating to advertising to reflect price changes X
Organizing keys for showings, review and repair vendors X
Mediates all negotiations between owner and prospect/tenant X
Sign Lease with new tenant X
Upload signed copy of lease to Owner's Portal for records X
Placement of fire extinguisher as needed X
Timely Rent Collection X
Serve any necessary notices to tenants (3 Day, 7 Days w/ cure, etc.) X
Files evictions for non-payment of rent X
Conduct Annual Rent Reviews X
Coordinate repairs/maintenance with approved Licensed & Insured Vendors X
Coordinate emergency repairs/maintenance 24/7 X
Communicate to owner for approval of repairs over $350 for one item X
Weekly emails sent to owner's who had a repair X
Pay vendor invoices from owner's reserve X
Email owner copies of any vendor invoices X
Schedule needed appointments with appraisers and/or insurance adjusters X
Video Property at tenant move out X
Prepare necessary claims against the tenant's security deposit X
Address any security deposit claim disputes X
Attends any court hearings X
Placement of qualifying past tenants into collections X
Make any necessary copies of keys provided X
In House Sales Department X
Free Comparative Market Analysis X
Buyer Representation Services X
National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM) - Members X
Orlando Regional Realtor Association (ORRA) - REALTOR members X
National Association of Realtors (NAR) - members X


Management Fee - Full Service Property Management 8% or $100 whichever greater
Leasing Fee - Comes from 1st months rent 50% contracted rent or $500
Professional Service Fee (PSF) everything bold below is included $25/MONTH = $300/YEAR
Lease Preparation Fee Included in PSF
Direct Deposit Fee Included in PSF
Eviction Protection Fee (Standard) - Legends Realty pays up to $700.00 Included in PSF
Attend Court Hearings, if needed Included in PSF
Emailed communication from each consultant during vacancies Included in PSF
Video Tour of property for marketing Included in PSF
Service of Legal Notices Included in PSF
Emailed communication after each work order Included in PSF
Bi-Annual Property Review Report - pictures that are emailed to owner Included in PSF
Prepare Annual Year End Income/Expense statements and IRS 1099 forms Included in PSF
Annual Lease Renewal Fee 25% of contracted rent or $200
Total Annual Management Expense to include Renewal

Example: Should Property Rent for $1300.00 monthly - Annual Expense

8% Management Fee $1,248.00
Leasing Fee $650.00
Professional Service Fee - See above $300.00
Annual Lease Renewal Fee $325.00
Total Management Expense $2,523.00

How this breaks down further

$2523.00 annual expense divided by 12 months equals $210.25 per month. $210.25 per month
$210.25 monthly expense divided by 30 days in a month equals $7.00 per day. $7.00 per day
$7.00 daily expense divided into 24 hours in a day equals .29 cents an hour. .29 cents per hour

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