Legends Realty Guidelines For Property Preparation

There are many things you can do to maximize the rental income on your rental property and boost its potential for attracting quality tenants. If your property shows that it’s been cared for when the tenants move in, not only are you likely to get better tenants but they’re more likely to take good care of it.

Get the Help of a Property Manager

Running a rental property can be a difficult task. You can, however, take advantage of the many benefits of hiring the best rental property management. Legends Realty can assist you in every aspect of renting out a property, from tenant selection to conducting regular checks on the premises and the tenant. With our team, property preparation in Florida couldn’t be any easier.

By making the proper preparations for your rental property, the chances of getting the best income are very good. Obtaining the assistance of a reliable property manager increases your competitiveness in the rental market.

Here are a few things you must do to prepare your property for rent:

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  1. DUSTING: A properly dusted surface is free of all dirt, dust streaks, lint, and cobwebs.
  2. SWEEPING: A properly swept floor is free of all dirt, dust, grit, lint, and debris, except embedded dirt and grit.
  3. SPOT CLEANING: A surface adequately spot-cleaned is free of all stains and deposits and is substantially free of cleaning marks.
  4. FLOOR MOPPING: A satisfactorily damp mopped floor is without dirt, dust, marks, film streaks, debris, or water.
  5. SCRUBBING: Scrubbing is satisfactorily performed when all surfaces are without embedding dirt, cleaning solution, film, debris, stains, marks, and standing water, and the floor has a uniformly clean appearance.
  6. WALL WASHING: Walls are considered clean when the surfaces of the walls have a uniformly clean appearance, free of dirt, lint, visible fingerprints, stains, cleaning marks, streaks, and graffiti. Painted surfaces must not be damaged. Hard-finished, glazed ceramic tile surfaces must be bright and free of film, streaks, and deposits.
  7. LIGHT FIXTURE CLEANING: Light fixtures are considered clean when all components, including bulbs, tubes, and adjacent surfaces, reflective and otherwise, are without insects, dirt, lint, film, and streaks. All lenses that have been removed are to be reinstalled immediately per specification.
  8. PLUMBING FIXTURE AND DISPENSER CLEANING: Plumbing fixtures and dispensers are clean when they are free of all deposits and stains, and have no dust, streaks, film, odor, or stains on them.
  9. METAL CLEANING: Metal surfaces are clean when they are free of deposits or tarnish, and have a uniformly bright appearance. Cleaning agents must also be wiped off the adjacent surfaces.
  10. GLASS CLEANING: Glass is clean when all glass surfaces are without streaks, film, deposits, and stains, and have a uniformly bright appearance. Adjacent surfaces must also be wiped clean. This includes windows and sliding glass doors.
  11. WAX REMOVAL / APPLICATION: Wax removal is satisfactorily accomplished when all wax is removed from the surfaces down to the floor material; the floor is left free of all dirt, stains, deposits, debris, cleaning solution, and standing water; and the floor has a uniform appearance when dry. Application of wax shall be complete when a thin, evenly applied layer of wax is clear and dry and ready for buffing to a uniform, glossy appearance.
  12. APPLIANCES: Pull oven drawer out and clean the floor under the stove. Empty the ice tray in the refrigerator and ensure all crumbs and spillage our removed. Run the garbage disposal, no food or debris should be left in the sink.
  13. CABINETS: Check all cabinets are free of dishes, toiletries and other personal items. Double check storage sheds and closets.
  14. ENTRWAY/GARAGE: All leaves, cobwebs and other debris show be swept clear from these areas

These are a few helpful suggestions to prepare your property for rent. Should you need assistance with property preparation and would prefer to hire professionals to clean we can assist with recommendations.



______ Unit must be completely free of trash. Property should be free of dust including closets, baseboards, floors, and cabinets.

______ All window coverings must be straightened, washed, cleaned and dusted or replaced.

______ All bathrooms and kitchens must be thoroughly caulked and cleaned including behind commode. Showers and bathtubs should be free of mildew. Drain stoppers in sinks and tubs

______ Fireplaces must be cleaned out and dust free.

______ Patios, balconies and storage closets must be swept and free from debris and trash.

______ All doorstoppers must work, and any damages need to be corrected. Install if missing.

______ Appliances must be thoroughly cleaned, including drip pans and knobs.

______ Light and plug switches must be replaced if cracked or stained.

______ At least 75-watt bulbs in all fixtures in working order.

______ Bath lights at 60 watts and all the same style bulb in place.

______ Any painting must be cleaned up thoroughly and consistent.

______ Vacuum carpets before having them professionally cleaned.

______ All locks and doorknobs must be in excellent working order.

______ Blinds must be left down and in the open position.

______ All light covers must be cleaned.

______ Ceiling fan blades must be cleaned and dusted, both sides.

______ The top of the refrigerator and stove must be free of dust, grease and debris.

______ No stains in the refrigerator or on porcelain in the bath. Use porcelain white out or bleach.

______ Baseboards must be washed and free of dirt and dust.

______ All drawers must be in good working order and free of debris.

______ Check all keys all locks must work. Deadbolts must be turn knob style.

______ Check all appliances: Stove pans must be clean. Under refrigerator must be clean.

______ Lawn, garden, and hedges must be trimmed, cut, and cleaned thoroughly.

______ Wallpaper must be washed, cleaned, and re-glued or replaced in a professional manner.

______ All bugs must be removed and cleaned from the unit.

______ All vinyl floors need to be mopped and cleaned, including underneath cabinets.

______ Clean doors and door frames around them, including fingerprints, dust, etc.

______ Sweep away all spider webs around walls and windows.

______ Check to make sure a 5lb. fire extinguisher is left at property.

______ Sinks to be cleaned and garbage disposal tested and free from blockage.

______ Storage closets are to be swept, cleaned, checked for working lock and key.

______ All mirrors and windows should be cleaned inside and out.

______ All trash is not to be left, but removed to a dumpsite.

______ Fill in any nail holes with matching color.

______ Open all sink cabinets, and clean out all areas below.

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