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Property Damage vs. Normal Wear and Tear Explained by Orlando Property Management

Web Admin - Thursday, July 13, 2017
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Property damage is the cause of many disputes between tenants and landlords. As a landlord, if you go into your property for the first time in many years, you could be shocked at the condition of the home. You need to be able to distinguish between property damage and normal wear and tear.  

Property Management Orlando: Understanding Wear and Tear
Normal wear and tear is defined as the deterioration that occurs over time with the use of the premises, even though the premises receives reasonable care and maintenance. The wear and tear could be caused by time, exposure, or simple ordinary use. Tenants are not responsible for repairing any of the wear and tear in your home; it’s your responsibility as a landlord and property owner. 

 Property Management Orlando: Damage and Property Neglect

If damage is caused by maliciousness or negligence, the tenant is responsible for paying to repair or replace what was damaged. You’ll need to use judgment and common sense in many cases, but there are some common instances of damage and wear and tear that are easy to distinguish. For example, scuffed wood floors are wear and tear and the landlord needs to replace them. Floors that are deeply scratched or gouged would be considered damaged and the tenant would be responsible. 

Property Age and Condition 
The age and material of a home and its systems will also need to be considered. For example, carpets are often depreciated over seven years. So, if you’ve got a carpet that’s 10 years old, you’ll probably need to replace it at your own expense, even if you think it’s damaged. Remember that you can claim depreciation on your tax return. Plan for how to approach rental property damage so you know you’re choosing the best option. 

Visit and inspect your property regularly to ensure you won’t be left with damage at the end of a tenancy. If you have any questions or need any help with Orlando property management, please contact us at Legends Realty.

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