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Should I Allow Pets in My Orlando Rental Property? Advice from a Local Property Management Expert

Web Admin - Thursday, June 2, 2016
Property Management Blog

Deciding whether or not to allow pets can be a difficult decision for rental property owners. Many people love animals and a large part of the tenant population has at least one pet. However, landlords and investors are often hesitant because they fear the potential pet damage and mess that can occur.

Pets and Marketing

If you decide that you do not want to allow pets in your property, you need to make that part of your advertising and marketing strategy. You don’t want to confuse potential tenants who might have pets. Be clear that you won’t allow animals of any kind when you’re marketing your property. It will save you time.

Pet Guidelines

If you decide that pets will be accepted, you need to implement some guidelines and requirements before the tenant moves in. Make sure your lease agreement includes all the details that cover the pet, including what kind of breed is permitted, what you’ll require the tenant to do to protect your property from pet damage and any additional deposits or rents that will be required for tenants who move in with pets. You can require the tenant to fumigate the property or treat it for pests such as fleas before move out. You can also require a professional carpet cleaning. This will ensure that your consent is in writing, your property is protected and the tenant understands your expectations.

Pet Screening

When a tenant is moving in with a pet, be sure to screen the animal just like you screen the tenant. When talking to landlord references, ask if the pet created any problems or caused any damage during the tenancy. You’ll also need information on how many pets are moving in, what kinds of pets they are and how big they are. You are free to place any restrictions that you want on size, age and breed.

Insurance and Liability

Talk to your insurance company and make sure pets in your rental property will be covered. Many companies will not allow dangerous dog breeds and they may have other requirements such as weight restrictions and vaccine records.

Allowing pets is a great way to increase the pool of prospective tenants who will be interested in renting your property. As long as you have specific guidelines in place, you will be able to rent your home to responsible pet owners and tenants.

If you have any questions about pets or pet policies, please contact us at Legends Realty, and we’d be happy to tell you more.

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