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Buying Real Estate in Central Florida – Don’t Get Overwhelmed!

Web Admin - Monday, February 5, 2018
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Buying a home in central Florida can be overwhelming and sometimes paralyzing. If you find you’re unable to sign on the dotted line but you regret the homes you keep losing, it’s possible that you’re unsure about your finances or afraid of committing to a long term investment. However, there are few investments that will improve the quality of your life like a home will. Other advantages include tax breaks, rising real estate values, and a safe and stable environment for your family. The home buying process does not have to be terrifying.


Buying Real Estate: Pay Attention to Your Instincts

Pay attention to how you feel while you’re house hunting. If you can’t seem to find the right home, perhaps you’re afraid of spending too much. If you’re confident that your salary will increase and your job is stable, you may be able to stretch your budget to purchase a home. But, be smart. Your housing costs should be no more than one third of your gross income. Get pre-qualified by a lender, and you’ll feel more secure about the budget you’ve set for your new home. If you worry that you won’t have enough saved up, listen to your instincts. You can always buy a less expensive home. 

Maintain Reasonable Financial Goals

Buying a home can be difficult when you’re also planning a family, returning to graduate school, paying off debt, or buying a new car. Your mortgage is the largest piece of your financial pie, so the more money it requires from your budget, the less you have to spend on other things. Set reasonable financial goals and stick to your budget.

Managing Your Fears

It’s easy to fall into worrying about what-if scenarios. But, you can conquer your fears by considering what the worst case scenario might look like and then coming up with a plan to address it. What-if worries might include not being able to pay your bills, watching your home lose value, or losing your job. You cannot predict the future, but you can save and prepare for it. Temper the negative possibilities with positive ones. What if your home rises in value quickly and you get a promotion and you save twice as much as you planned?

Central Florida Real Estate: Long Term Investing

Buy for the long term. Properties can go up and down in value, but you’ll probably watch your ROI increase if you keep your property well-maintained. Most people don’t begin to earn money until a few years after they’ve purchased their home. The longer you hold the asset, the more you’re able to make.

Buying a home really comes down to money management and financial goals. If you need any help with property management sales or you’d like to discuss buying a property, please contact us at Legends Realty

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