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Looking for a good roofer?

Web Admin - Tuesday, October 11, 2016
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It seems since Hurricane Matthew came through Florida, the number one question I'm receiving is , "Do I know a good roofer?"

Well, Legends Realty is committed towards helping our customers buy, sell, and lease properties in the best possible way, and sometimes this means hiring a good roofer.

Here is a list of licensed roofing companies for your consideration. While I have worked with these companies in the past and do appreciate their level of service, it's important for you to know that none of these have any affiliation or offer any representation to Legends Realty or myself. I do however ask that you provide me with feedback from your experience so as I can be sure any names I'm forwarding to my customers are representing themselves in the highest professional manner in which I would expect.

If you wish, feel free to contact these companies, ask them to explain their services to you so you can decide on which company, if any of these to choose as your roofing company.

By simply Googling "roofing companies" you will find a whole list of available companies offering competitive rates and services. If you decide to go with a different company than seen on this list, and you find you had a very good top tier experience, please let me know therefore I can reach out to them and perhaps recommend to future customers. We hope you find this information helpful and we do appreciate your business! Dan Lopez - Legends RealtyDan Lopez | Legends Realty | 290 Waymont Ct., ste 100 Lake Mary, FL 32746 | | Mobile: 407-705-3915 |

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